$66 Million In Jewels Described Stolen From F1 Heiress Tamara Ecclestone – Jalopnik

British heiress, product, socialite, and daughter of previousComponents 1chief gargoyleBernie EcclestoneTamara Ecclestonereported a huge amount of money of costly jewelry stolen from her property in London past week. No arrests have been designed but.

The Metropolitan Police obtained stories of a burglary at Ecclestone’s “palatial home” on Friday evening, studies theAffiliated Press. A haul of “high price jewelry” that was worthy of about £50 million (around $66 million) was reported to have been taken. It included highly-priced earrings, rings and a Cartier bangle that was acquired as a wedding present.

“Tamara and loved ones are very well but obviously indignant and shaken by the incident,” an official relatives statement examine, in accordance to AP. The spouse and children, as well as its non-public protection workforce, are cooperating with the investigation.

Inspite of earlier, strange shenanigans—such asposing on a bed of money,a vanishing Lamborghiniandspending about $fifty,000 on a one bar tab—I do experience the tiniest little bit bad for Ms. Ecclestone in this article. Only the teeniest, tiniest bit, however. Currently being robbed is frightening and violating. On the other hand, I may well suggest she obtain all her future jewellery from Endlessly 21. That way, you are not as torn up about it when it inevitably breaks or will get stolen. You just go back and get new ones!

On the other hand, I want to see this Cartier bangle that contributed to a $66-million haul. That far better have been a really serious bracelet to warrant the thieves to go by way of the difficulties in the to start with