’90 Day Fiancé’: Why Was Natalie Fearful About Mike’s Means to Mother or father With Her? – Showbiz Cheat Sheet

Natalie and Mike have previously struggled with cultural variations and K-1 visa delays on Time 7 of TLC’sninety Day Fiancé. Most just lately, when Mike headed to Ukraine to go to his fiancee, their big religious dissimilarities grew to become clearer than ever.

Mike is an agnostic/atheist who thinks in ancient alien theories about the planet’s origins. In the meantime, Natalie is a devout Christian who hopes to increase her upcoming youngsters in the similar religious tradition. While Mike was not bothered by their discrepancies, Natalie was devastated when Mike was not spiritually moved at a church visit in her dwelling region. 

On the Dec. 22 episode, “Judgment Day,” the90 Day Fiancépair had a major meltdown about Natalie’s need to raise her youngsters as devout Christians like herself. The argument lifted doubts for equally Mike and Natalie about their suitability for one particular a different.

Mike from
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Natalie and Mike’s spiritual dissimilarities induced pressure

At the starting of “Judgment Day,” Natalie was sobbing uncontrollably on the mattress, presumably moments soon after the couple’s confrontation in last week’s episode about their spiritual differences. “Baby, what’s likely on listed here?” Mike requested her, dumbfounded. “I cannot,” she cried as he shooed the camera crew out of the home. 

In the meantime, Mike admitted to TLC producers that matters experienced gotten out of regulate. “This whole method of ready for this visa, it looks like our variations are actually coming out,” theninety Working day Fiancéstar explained. “It’s hard appropriate now.” 

Natalie’s mother hovered in the track record, fretting about the couple’s conflict as Natalie cried on the bed. 

“You want me to quit feeding on meat and go to church?” Mike questioned his fiancee incredulously, astonished at Natalie’s amount of emotion on the matter. 

Natalie was fearful about Mike’s capability to co-dad or mum with her

As Natalie tried to demonstrate why she was so distressed, it became apparent that her hoped-for potential with Mike, such as small children, was part of the problem. 

“When we chat about our child, I really don’t want my child to be confused,” Natalie informed Mike about their spiritual distinctions, as well as Mike’s carnivore position. 

Theninety Day Fiancéstar ongoing, “Because there is absolutely nothing worse to see that father and mother are not alike. It is very difficult. And I really do not want to place so substantially on my minor newborn that he doesn’t understand. For you it’s uncomplicated oh, it does not issue, he will choose. Does he feel in God or does not he feel in God?” 

“Yes, child. They will pick out. It’s not complicated,” Mike insisted, stating he wished Natalie would regard individual decisions and beliefs. He later on informed TLC producers he did not recognize the trouble, as they were all “individual people” and he didn’t see that as “a lousy point.” 

Many ’90 Working day Fiancé’ followers thought Natalie was overreacting

Just after Mike headed to the bar for some solo reflection time, he returned to Natalie. The two agreed to compromise in terms of their beliefs, and Mike even explained to Natalie about his mystery credit history card personal debt. Despite the90 Day Fiancécouple’s reconciliation, numerousninety Working day Fiancélovers were still doubtful about their means to make issues do the job. 

A lot ofninety Working day Fiancéviewers took to social media to recommend that Natalie was extra than a very little extraordinary about the full factor and really should have cut Mike a break. “Mike has a stage it is all about choice…and respecting people’s selections [for the reason that] it’s their life not yours…and Natalie is speechless [due to the fact] Mike was speaking real things,” wrote one supporter on Twitter. 

Others thought Natalie’s reactions to Mike have been disproportionate. “Natalie didn’t just get psychological over Mike not believing in God. She basically experienced a nervous breakdown,” one particular viewer argued.