A company that sold encrypted phones was run by crime lords

You have most likely listened to the idiom of the fox guarding the hen property — but how about the 1 of the encrypted cellphone firm run by drug lords?

All right, that is naturally not an idiom, but it’s a real story chronicled byVice’sJoseph Cox. In the tale, Cox tells how MPC — a now-seemingly defunct corporation that apparently sold telephones, tablets, and computers jogging tailor made firmware with major encryption protections — was in the end managed by two at-big felony kingpins recognised as The Brothers.

As Cox’s reporting explains, The Brothers seemingly initial acquired and used encrypted BlackBerrys right before choosing developers to make a personalized operating method that could theoretically present them even a lot more privacy and loaded it on telephones. The tale does not say what style of phones The Brothers use(d), but MPC sold Nexus 5 and 5X phones loaded with a personalized OS, which appears most likely to be the identical one paid out for by The Brothers.

MPC even promoted itself to privacy-conscious clients to surface additional legit, applying visuals of Edward Snowden in its promoting, for case in point. MPC also presented to shell out Cox to do a paid evaluation of an MPC device. (Cox declined to get payment, however he expressed potential fascination in acquiring more facts from the enterprise. MPC in no way despatched a machine to him.)

It’s a fascinating and, at times, horrifying story (warning: it describes a murder), but you should go go through it.