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From Paras Chhabra’s explosive re-entry inside the Bigg Boss thirteen dwelling to the magnificent experience of spa for six contestants, Thursday’s episode was a dynamic a single with diversified types of enjoyment quotient for admirers.

Listed here are the leading highlights from tonight’s episode:

Sidharth Shukla was upset that Mahira continued to discuss to Asim irrespective of the truth that he tore her mom’s letter. Though Shehnaaz and Rashami discussed how Vishal was erroneous be talking to Mahira, Mahira and Arti had been found speaking about Mahira’s way of enjoying the video game.

Up coming early morning, Shehnaaz questioned Mahira why she ought to sit with Vishal if Madhurima is having damage with it all. Mahira said she was rather everyday about it but Shehnaaz attempted to clarify that Vishal only wished to make Madhurima jealous.


As component of the captaincy undertaking, Paras asked Rashami to provide out Vishal’s real but bitter game in entrance of anyone. He instigated Rashami to problem Vishal’s intentions. Puzzling the contenders, Sidharth and Paras make the contenders clean up the kitchen and soon, requested Rashami to spoil the toilet.

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Immediately after identical humorous incidences, Paras was requested to get ready and get within the residence when Sidharth was told that he cannot be shifted again to the dwelling nonetheless as he is not way too effectively.

When Paras was leaving, Sidharth requested him to take treatment of Shehnaaz as she requires security. Mahira ran and hugged as Paras entered the dwelling to announce the captain. He chided all people, specifically for disregarding feelings of Bhau, Mahira and Shehnaaz.


When Paras instructed everybody about Arhaan’s words about Rashami, she reported she was bankrupt in 2015 and there were being instances when Arhaan prolonged assistance to her. She then confident Paras that Arhaan was not lying. Paras insisted that Arhaan was however wrong as he need to not say these types of factors on nationwide television.

Later, Rashami informed Arhaan that Paras was only suggesting that he should not discuss about this kind of points on the show.

In the meantime, Shehnaaz advised Rashami and Shefali Bagga that when she requested Paras to talk, Mahira insisted she will have to be a section of the conversation. Rashami questioned if Shehnaaz was ok with it and she responded with a indeed. The Tv actor was stunned to see Shehnaaz’s perspective.


Vikas was then declared the winner of the undertaking and consequently grew to become the captain. Vikas was also gifted a foot massage, hair slash and shoulder mask. He obtained the electricity to choose 5 persons with him and he chose Asim, Rashami, Shehnaaz, Mahira and Shefali Jariwala for the knowledge.

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