Bigg Manager thirteen: Sidharth Shukla phone calls Vishal Aditya Singh a ‘sidekick’ latter phone calls him ‘chachi’ – Times of India

In the most recent episode of

Bigg Manager 13

, in the yard region,

Sidharth Shukla

accuses Vishal of currently being a sidekick. The two get into an argument. Vishal calls Sidharth ‘chachi’ and argues with Sidharth. Factors get terrible and every person start out fighting with Sidharth. Rashami comes to acquire Vishal and passes sarcastic comment on Sidharth.

Sidharth tells Rashami that she is ‘aisi ladki’ and the latter receives furious hearing it. Rashami cries in entrance of Arhaan and yells at him expressing that she requirements to know which type of female she is. Sidharth retains declaring ‘aisi ladki’ and Arhaan goes to strike him. Rashami calls Sidharth kichad. Asim pushes Sidharth and the latter complains to Bigg Manager. Arhaan tells Sidharth ‘maa baap pe mat jana.’ Arhaan threatens Sidharth expressing ‘teri ulti ginti shuru hogyi hai.’

In the dwelling space, Vikas tells Sidharth that every person is focusing on him. He even suggests that Rashami pokes him and then later employs girl card. Paras and Mahira make enjoyment of Shehnaz. Shehnaz warns them to not damage her. Shefali and Vikas make Shehnaz recognize that she really should not destroy her romantic relationship with Sidharth.

Shehnaz goes to slumber on Sidharth’s bed and the latter ignores her. She tells Sidharth that she demands to chat to him but he tells Vikas that he requires to sleep. In the morning, Shehnaz cries and tells Rashami that she is not jealous of Mahira. She tells Rashami that Sidharth is ignoring her.

Mallika Sherwat enters the home and sits on Sidharth’s lap. Mallika helps make Mahira-Paras consume apple without having touching it. Afterwards, Arti tends to make Sidharth consume strawberry with chocolate and their romance tends to make anyone stunned. She announces Arti Singh as the very first opposition captain of the property and gives her 5 special cards through which she can alter 5 regulations of produced by the present captain at any place of time.