Billie Eilish Tells Gayle King She Would not See Herself As a ‘Dark Person’ – Showbiz Cheat Sheet

Gayle King ofCBS This Morningjust landed one more interview with a tunes trailblazer. Not too long ago sitting down down with Tina Turner, Lizzo, Lil Nas X, and Bruce Springsteen, King can now add pop star Billie Eilish to her list of coveted receives.

Even with currently being known for her neo-goth style, the younger singer promises she is not as dim as people today may perhaps think.

Billie Eilish | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Really a checklist of credits

In accordance to CBS News, Eilish’s initially album “When We All Fall Asleep, Wherever Do We Go?” which introduced this year, marked one particular of the largest debuts in audio historical past. With her music “Bad Guy” hitting #one and getting streamed extra than 3 billion (which is ‘billion’ with a ‘b’) times, Eilish has cemented herself as 1 of today’s hottest new performers.

Likely by her initial and center identify (her last title is O’Connell), the seventeen-yr-previous singer teamed up with 22-12 months-outdated brother Finneas to generate what is now permeating the airwaves and producing a good deal of excitement. The youngest artist at any time to be nominated for all 4 significant Grammy Awards, Eilish is astonished at the level she’s arrived at. “Never in a million decades would’ve thought I would be any where in the vicinity of exactly where I am now, at all,” Eilish told King.

Eilish’s moms and dads, Maggie Baird and Patrick O’Connell, observed their young children were captivated by music at an early age. The few homeschooled their young ones and put a precedence on encouraging their creativeness. “Billie under no circumstances at any time stopped singing. I signify, it was insane,” Baird said of her daughter. “She sang virtually before she talked. She sang anything, all over the place she went, to the position in which you’d have to be, like, ‘You just can’t sing below!’”

Denying her darkness

Irrespective of getting witnessed by some as somber, or as the New York Times set it “sullen, depressive, dying-haunted,” Eilish feels she’s simply relatable.

“At the beginning there was all these labels, and radio men and women that wouldn’t participate in me mainly because I was also sad and no a single was gonna relate to it,” Eilish unveiled to King. “And that was just amusing to me, ’cause I was like, every person has felt unhappy in their life. And of program it is actually vital to boost joy and loving yourself and stuff, but a good deal of people never love by themselves.”

When King asked if she sees herself as a dark individual, Eilish emphatically replied, “No! Not at all. Nobody that knows me thinks I’m a dark person. My God. I’m, like, usually laughing at all the things.”

Repercussions of fame

Though the teenage singer maintains that she is not as gloom-loaded as critics may perhaps make her out to be, Eilish shared that she recently went via a deep despair. However the Grammy nominee has struggled with anxiety and despair in the previous, she felt this bout was most probable brought on by the pressure of becoming in the highlight.

“I was so unhappy previous year. And even the starting of this year, I was so disappointed. And I was so, like, joyless… I really do not know. I imply, there had been so lots of good reasons. It all was due to the fact I was in fact clinically depressed. That was the beginning of it,” she unveiled. “But then on top of it was this fame that I did not want at the time. It was this incapability to go out spots. And it was so torturous, ’cause all I needed to do was go cling out with my good friends.”

With the assist of remedy, spouse and children, mates, and her tunes, Eilish is dealing with advancements. “I’ve been form of coming out of it for the very last, like, 6 months in fact, which feels like that [snaps fingers] to me,” she reported. “But it’s, like, the most releasing experience to be ready to occur out of that shell.”

Fans of Eilish are certain to tune into the Grammys in January to see how numerous awards she provides residence!