Christina Koch breaks file for longest spaceflight by a woman – Engadget

This will never be the longest spaceflight of all time. Scott Kelly set the US report by remaining in room for 340 consecutive days between 2015 and 2016, while Russia’s Valeri Polyakov invested just more than 437 times aboard Mir. It can be continue to a pretty prolonged stretch, nevertheless, and it will come on the back again of Koch signing up for fellow astronaut Jessica Meir in NASA’s first all-female spacewalk this Oct.

The prolonged excursion is just not just about bragging rights. Koch’s for a longer time-than-prepared mission need to convey to NASA much more about the results of lengthy-expression spaceflight on the human body. That, in change, could be essential for the return to the Moon as perfectly as eventual programs to touch down on Mars. What sacrifices Koch has made could fork out off if they make sure that explorers appear again healthy.