Emma Watson is here to give you a tour of her impressively perfectly-stocked handbag

By Rachel Thompson

Emma Watson does not travel gentle. In actuality, her purse is a veritable Mary Poppins-esque stash of all the things you could ever quite possibly need to have. 

Tampons? Verify. Warm drinking water bottle? Got it. SPF? In the bag, my friend. 

“My good friends connect with me ‘the bag woman,'” Watson toldBritish Voguein an completely charming online video about the contents of her bag. “The explanation for this is I do not really pack light-weight.” Exact, Emma. Similar. 

In the back was a copy of Toni Morrison’sBeloved,The 5 Moment Journal, thank you cards, deodorant, Nutella, a glass straw, rosewater spray, amongst myriad other very valuable matters.

“My favourite point to do when I get on an airplane is to talk to if they will fill this up for me,” she explained, hugging her incredibly hot h2o bottle. Appears like a extremely cosy way to travel.