Food Pelosi Denies ‘Hate’ for Trump, Who Accuses Her of Acquiring a ‘Nervous Fit’


Politics|Pelosi Denies ‘Hate’ for Trump, Who Accuses Her of Getting a ‘Nervous Fit’

The flash of anger from Ms. Pelosi — “Don’t mess with me,” she told the reporter — came as she was leaving a news meeting in which she had just finished discussing her determination to shift ahead with articles or blog posts of impeachment from Mr. Trump.

“Do you loathe the president?” James Rosen, a reporter for a conservative tv network, Sinclair Broadcast Team, asked loudly as Ms. Pelosi manufactured her way offstage in a tv studio close to the Capitol.

Ms. Pelosi whipped all around to experience Mr. Rosen, wagging her finger at him and stating, “Don’t accuse me,” as he defined that he was asking her to answer to Republicans’ claims that Democrats were being pursuing Mr. Trump’s impeachment out of personalized animus against him.

captured the minute Ms. Pelosi stood up from the desk in the Cupboard Space, pointing sternly as she spoke to a scowling Mr. Trump.

The president tweeted the photograph, remarking: “Nervous Nancy’s unhinged meltdown!”

But Ms. Pelosi’s staff members swiftly posted it on her social media accounts, relating to it as a potent graphic of the speaker standing up to a petulant president. She afterwards stated it showed the second she demanded to know irrespective of whether the president’s choice to take out troops from Syria was a favor to President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia.

Another confrontation took location through a televised Oval Place of work conference at the conclusion of last yr, when Ms. Pelosi fired again at Mr. Trump’s recommendation that, irrespective of the Democratic victories in the 2018 midterm elections, she lacked political clout in the standoff over paying out and a looming federal government shutdown.

“Mr. President,” she claimed, “please do not characterize the energy that I carry to this conference as the leader of the Dwelling Democrats, who just won a large victory.”

A photograph of Ms. Pelosi leaving the White Property following that conference — in sunglasses and a rust-colored coat — rapidly went viral. She was also captured on tv clapping sardonically at the president in the course of his Condition of the Union address this calendar year.

Mr. Trump has on a regular basis attacked the speaker on Twitter.

Along with contacting her “Nervous Nancy” soon after the Syria meeting in October, Mr. Trump also tweeted: “Nancy Pelosi requires support rapidly! There is both something wrong with her ‘upstairs,’ or she just simple doesn’t like our excellent Nation. She had a overall meltdown in the White House now. It was very unhappy to check out. Pray for her, she is a pretty sick person!”