Food Seth Meyers traces Trump’s created-up ‘war on Thanksgiving’ back to (duh) Fox News


On Wednesday’s episode ofLate Night time with Seth Meyers, the host place ahead his principle on where by Trump may well have gotten the “fully nonsensical” strategy that individuals want to rename Thanksgiving. Spoiler notify that isn’t really seriously be a spoiler inform since this ought to be a gimme: It was Fox News.

“One particular thing we know about Trump is that his brain is in essence a harmful waste dump with a bunch of trash, debris, just floating all around in there,” stated Meyers. But even in chaos, strategies call for a spark. In the situation of Trump, that spark is generally his favorite television channel, which Meyers pointed out had aired a segment on the “war on Thanksgiving” earlier this thirty day period.

The Fox Information section was truly raging about a HuffPost write-up on the carbon footprint of traditional Thanksgiving foods, which the hosts somehow interpreted as a desire holiday break dinners be cancelled. 

“There is no war on Thanksgiving,” claimed Meyers. “The only war on Thanksgiving is the war between sane men and women and racist uncles who imagine you will find a war on Thanksgiving!”

The full weird sequence of functions is mainly a significant-stakes match of Telephone, only every person associated is awful at English comprehension. Which is just not specifically what you want from a president or a information channel.