Food Xbox Sequence X: How humongous is Microsoft’s future-gen console?


Microsoft introduced the name and design of the Xbox Sequence X on Thursday night all through The Match Awards. And a ton of people today are thinking if it is heading to healthy into a standard enjoyment middle when they decide one up following holiday. The problem, in accordance to the renders we have found so significantly, is that it seems large.

But how significant is the Xbox Collection X?

If you consider a glance at the initial image of the Collection X, you can see why individuals are worrying. The future-gen console seems to be like a hulking monolith in photos. But without context, it is tough to notify if it is as significant as it seems.

But Microsoft did provide some context in its photos. It set the console following to the updated controller, which appears to be like a whole lot like the existing Xbox Just one gamepad. And that is heading to enable us to make some visual comparisons to comprehend the proportions of the new machine.

Food Sizing up the Xbox Series X

I have achieved out to Microsoft to ask for the precise proportions of the Xbox Collection X. But it did not offer any specifics, so I have performed some quite crude comparisons applying the obtainable photographs.

As you can see, the Xbox Series X is about just one gamepad large and lengthy.


Over: Xbox Collection X width.

Picture Credit: GamesBeat

And it is about three gamepads tall.


Over: Xbox Sequence X height.

Image Credit history: GamesBeat

As you can see, it’s tricky to get the controllers lined up correctly. But for the purposes of encouraging folks figure out if they have enough room beneath their Tv for Sequence X, I’m heading to err on more substantial side of my estimations.

So I broke out the measuring tape to get the approximate sizing of the Xbox One X controller, and here’s what I arrived up with:

Xbox Sequence X approximate proportions

  • Height: ~12.seventy five inches
  • Width: ~six inches
  • Depth: ~six inches

Again, these are genuinely rough calculations primarily based on a large amount of eyeballing. My hunch is that it could conclusion up more compact than these figures, but let’s just assume it is not.

Food How does the Xbox Series X compare to other consoles?

Let’s just search at the quantities for some other consoles to enable place the Collection X into context.


For the sake of comparison, I have put all the consoles on their facet apart from for GameCube. GameCube just goes the 1 way. As this head-to-head reveals, the Xbox Sequence X is a big console — at the very least in phrases of width and height.

But if your problem is about fitting it into an entertainment heart, I actually do not imagine you are going to have a dilemma. As prolonged as your room is at least 6 inches tall, the Series X is heading to match any where that a PS4 Professional or Xbox A person X matches. It’s really smaller sized than PS4 in both of those width and depth. And that short depth implies it is heading to slide simply even on to thinner shelves. I like that mainly because it need to make cable management easier.

The best comparison is almost certainly to the GameCube. A Collection X is like two of all those duct-taped aspect-by-facet.

So is the Sequence X genuinely an unwieldy behemoth? Not truly. Its squashed depth helps make it a bit taller when you sit it on its side, but most persons are going to discover a spot for it devoid of a lot concern.