Ice Age: Scrat’s Nutty Adventure Feels Like A PS2 Game And That’s A Good Thing

The pastIce Agemovie or quick arrived out back in 2016. There has been the communicate of a new film or Tv series, but practically nothing has truly launched in the last three a long time. Right up until late final week. For some motive the planet been given a newIce Agevideo match, starring Scrat. It’s weird that 3 decades just after the very last film we get a new activity. What is even weirder is that this activity isn’t terrible. I’d even say, I like it. Critically.

Ice Age: Scrat’s Nutty Adventurewas unveiled for PS4, Xbox 1, Swap, and Computer systemon October 18th. It stars Scrat, that odd and extremely hyper squirrel (?) who is normally seeking for a nut. At the start out of the Scrat finds ruins of a technologically sophisticated historic squirrel civilization. To unlock the insider secrets of the ruins and become strong, Scrat needs to observe down a few super nuts. This is all actual. I’m not building any of this up. Actually, it isn’t that unusual thinking about the very lastIce Agefilm had a plot that was fully put into movement by Scrat badlyfunctioning a UFO.

The actual sport is a reasonably simple platformer with some light battle features. The degrees have a good quantity of range and visually, these appear quite good. You hop about these levels, amassing gems and finding hidden items. You know, a video clip game. Nothing amazing.

The point is, this match and its wild tale reminded me of a whole lot of people licensed games we use to get back again in the PS2-era of gaming. And it is odd to experience this way, but I consider I miss those online games? Confident licensed video games even now exist, but they’ve all largely moved to cell platforms. Which is unfortunate. Absolutely sure lots of of these licensed game titles were poor, but not all of them. And as a kid, it was so neat to enjoy a video game on my Tv centered on a cartoon or motion picture I cherished.Scrat’s Nutty Journeyfeels like one of those games like it was frozen again in 2003 just before it was published and only now, in 2019, has it been thawed out and unveiled.

There are some aggravating troubles inScrat’s Nutty Experience, for guaranteed. The digital camera can bug out in spots, animations do not generally look wonderful and beat isn’t enjoyable at all. But damn it, I nonetheless relished it. I sat down to only enjoy it for an hour, just to grab some screenshots and get a feel for it. But I ended up participating in it for approximately 3 several hours.

It is bizarre to have a nostalgic reaction to a little something brand name new. I don’t even like theIce Agefilms or have any solid inner thoughts about the franchise. But playing a colorful and simple licensed platformer did activate some section of my mind and made me content.

It is extremely Quite straightforward to glance at screenshots of this recreation or the trailer and dismiss it or make pleasurable of it. And once again, there are some troubles and troubles with it.

But if you at any time played and enjoyed aged PS2 platformers, great or negative types, and overlook people games, you might want to verify outScrat’s Nutty Journey. I’m not promising some remarkable, wonderful movie sport encounter. As an alternative, I’ll promise a straightforward and fun minor platformer that feels like it fell off of a Blockbuster rental shelf, circa 2003. A game you perform for a weekend, delight in and likely never participate in once again.

We have a ton of terrific indie games out at present that recreate NES or SNES gaming activities. But for several people right now, they grew up participating in games on the PS2 and Gamecube. And thisIce Agevideo game, even if it was not designed to be, is a perfect enjoy letter to a form of game from that period that we really do not get anymor