Is Goth a Musical Motion or a Manner Statement?

Episode Notes

In this midmonth mini-episode of Hit Parade, host Chris Molanphy is joined by Ned Raggett, freelance music author for All New music Guide and the Quietus, and expert on the ’80s U.K. bands celebrated on the most the latest comprehensive-size episode of Strike Parade. Chris and Ned go over what they simply call the “holy quartet” of British postpunk bands—the Heal, the Smiths, Depeche Method, and New Order—and Ned weighs in on the problem of what to get in touch with this wave: Is it goth? Mope rock? Do these bands essentially represent a genre, or additional of a generational cohort? Also, Chris quizzes a Slate Additionally listener with some music trivia, and the contestant turns the tables with a probability to attempt to stump Chris with a trivia issue of his own. And eventually, Chris teases the approaching total-duration episode of Hit Parade, which will be a retrospective glance at the 2010s.

Whilst this episode is obtainable to all listeners, our trivia round is open up only to Slate Moreover users. If you are a member—or when you turn into a member—enter as a contestant in this article.

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