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“Happiness is enjoyment that has observed a settling down location, but there is always a little corner that keeps flapping all over.” ― E.L. Konigsburg,From the Mixed-Up Documents of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler

On a creation stage, the penultimate episode of “Mr. Robot” is a fairly unflashy point. On a narrative degree, “eXit” is potentially a person of the wildest episodes of the collection nevertheless, as Sam Esmail writes and directs an episode that starts in 1 reality, and finishes in very a distinctive spot.

For all those who assumed that Whiterose remaining taken down by the police descending on her mansion, the intended ending of “409 Conflict,” may possibly be also easy — well, good guess. For an episode strewn with bodies, “eXit” largely retains the violence off display screen, although Esmail and cinematographer Tod Campbell can of system be counted on to supply a gorgeous, if bloody, tracking shot that demonstrates the aftermath of the endeavor to arrest Whiterose in her property. The only factor deader than these men is her aged id: “He’s not right here. There is only Whiterose,” she suggests, and without a doubt, if any second for the character has felt like the issue of no return, this is it.

We then also move back a little bit in time to Darlene and Elliot’s farewell in the motel parking good deal, this time to track issues from Elliot (and Mr. Robot’s) level of perspective, and also see how the scene essentially finishes — with Darlene seeming to accept both equally her brother and his alter ego, as semi-independent men and women.

It is something Elliot is also now performing, although in this circumstance, it’s simply because he’s telling Mr. Robot that he desires to consider to shut down Whiterose’s mysterious equipment, and he would like to do it on his have. Mr. Robotic does not imagine it’s the right option — it wasn’t their initial purpose, following all — but Elliot believes just one issue: So considerably of what he’s gone by means of is tied to his father’s early death from cancer (the exact sort of cancer that killed Angela’s mother), and he’s determined to shut down the plant, wherever “it all commenced.”

Via bus and then on foot, Elliot makes his way to New Jersey — precisely the Washington Township Plant, which really should be underneath major guard. Elliot arrives to uncover, though, that Whiterose’s forces have previously arrived, killing all people functioning inside of, and just after he installs his malware, armed guards (and one guy in a clear fit who is extremely calmly taking pleasure in a burger) convey him into an interrogation chamber, one not dissimilar to the one particular where by Angela underwent related questioning in “eps2.9_pyth0n-pt1.p7z”).

It is in this article that Elliot and Whiterose have their top confrontation, in which they obstacle every single other about their world sights: Her reminding him that he agrees with her on some degree when it arrives to no matter whether or not society is value preserving (“What did you get in touch with your team once again?”) and Elliot telling her that he continue to thinks in persons, for the reason that the types who really like him have aided him recover over the yrs. Whiterose provides what transpires upcoming as a choice left up to Elliot — and virtually usually takes herself out of the equation by shooting herself in the head.

Viewing Whiterose and Elliot’s discussion a 2nd time, it was shocking to discover that the time elapsed in between Whiterose entering the home and the gunshot was roughly 11 minutes and thirty seconds.Mr. Robothas hardly ever shied away from extended scenes (see for instance the five-act engage in that was “407 Proxy Authentication Required”), but the surprise aspect listed here is that it doesn’treally feelpractically so prolonged it is a correctly modulated, brilliantly acted clashing of personalities as properly as details-of-watch. (Rami Malek and B.D. Wong have not often been better.)

What particularly Whiterose hopes to achieve with her machine, over and above the assure of a planet which is considerably less damaged than ours, is unclear at this stage, but her undoubting faith in what may well be achievable clashes with Elliot’s very own actuality-based mostly allegiance to the earth that has harm him, but also has persons he enjoys. This is no sparring match in between James Bond and the villain du jour. These are two people hurt by the environment, each discovering their own means to cope. Most therapists would not necessarily advocate becoming planet-course hackers bent on getting down society, or constructing significant doomsday devices beneath nuclear reactors, of program, but in some cases these factors materialize.

Mr. Robot seems just as Elliot starts to worry, and helps him figure an escape route — but then he finds a floppy disc labeled “eXit” in the duplicate of Tolstoy’sResurrectionremaining beside a vintage Apple IIe, loading it up to discover a video game driven by textual content prompts that may possibly be the key to shutting down Whiterose’s equipment.

The initially go-all around in the activity, Elliot chooses escape, instead than supporting his companion. The next time, even though, the “friend” asks not to depart him on your own, and Elliot stays at the rear of — and it sets off the destruction of… very well, seemingly every thing. He and Mr. Robot say I enjoy you to every other, the often battling personas of this person getting a level of peace and companionship, as the planet close to them falls apart.

But then, the world returns, and it’s shiny and new. Elliot is again in his New York apartment, but substantially far more nicely furnished, and he gets out of mattress to acquire on the day — listening to cheerful audio on vinyl as he receives dressed, pomades his hair, and (right after an incongruous New York City earthquake) Facetimes withhis fiancée Angela.

Ideal absent, it is distinct this is a diverse Elliot, a calmer, assured guy. Through the computer system display screen, Angela appears to be to suspect that something’s off, and Elliot does look to have a headache, seemingly disoriented. But or else, he’s completely ready to go to function at Allsafe, exactly where he’s the epitome of CEO amazing to his workers, mainly because it is time to pitch Allsafe’s services to a possible new client — Tyrell Wellick, the schlubby, hoodie-putting on head of F Corp (notE Corp, regardless of the flashes that show up in Elliot’s vision). Tyrell asks him what the worst detail about his everyday living is, and Elliot’s solution is that he is aware of he’s trapped in a tedious program, but when he’s imagined what it may well be like to be “someone far more appealing,” he is familiar with that “in the conclusion, I’m fortunate to be wherever I am.”

The headache follows Elliot to lunch with his non-deceased father, a plainly loving and caring man (who in this actuality, it seems, would hardly ever have carried out what Elliot’s serious father did to him). Edward fingers in excess of Elliot’s surprise wedding present for Angela, a signed copy ofThe Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler,the e-book that Angela and Elliot bonded more than as young children, and talks him via his probable pre-marriage nerves. There are details that come to feel possibly off — the earthquakes, of training course, currently being the biggest — and Elliot’s a little bit on edge, but in any other case he’s articles with his existence, and very pleased to be marrying the appreciate of his life. He barely even notices information protection of this alternate edition of Whiterose, now “the world’s richest person” Zi Zhang, a speaker and philanthropist living proudly as a lady.

What is happening? Do Tyrell’s pointed questions point out that know a lot more than he’s telling about this reality? Are the earthquakes a indicator that whichever this Elliot is dealing with, it’s not serious? Is this delighted, properly-altered Elliot the mysterious-but-mentioned-typically other persona that has been, until eventually now, not prepared to “wake up?”

What ever is likely on, the distinct kick-off is CEO!Elliot arriving again at his condominium to obtain his hoodie-sporting doppelganger waiting around for him, which will probably be only the commencing of the profound still awesome oddness in store during the two-hour collection finale. It’s really just about the conclude, right after all, which probably implies that this glimpse of what genuine, authentic contentment for Elliot may well glimpse like is only that — just a glimpse of a male who has discovered both equally peace and exhilaration in settling down, who would seem to belief the fact offered to him. Also negative that this isMr. Robotic, and reality is never to be trustworthy.

Stray observations

  • The code for escaping the machine’s chamber is 0509, referencing the five/9 hack, a reminder for Elliot that in the extended operate, his steps can have deadly consequences for some others.
  • It is always enjoyable to see shows nearing the finish indulge in a minor bit of nostalgia, and looking at the return of Allsafe (not to mention the epic douchebaggery of Angela’s season a single boyfriend Ollie) was sweet.
  • Although, while it wouldn’t have automatically produced perception, with Elliot as the Allsafe CEO, t’s a little bit much too negative the present did not go for the entire nostalgia factor and deliver again Gideon, if only since Michel Gill created for this sort of a extensively respectable presence on screen.
  • The song that CEO!Elliot listens to that early morning, and then afterwards in the taxi, is Alright Go’s “Turn Up the Radio.” Critical lyrics: “I should’ve known the hammer dropped. ‘Cause some thing will have to be mistaken when every thing is appropriate.