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Stampede at mahesh babu fans photo shootMahesh Babu is in the wrong news because of a fan movie that has been heading viral on social media and also the tv channels have picked up the visuals from Mahesh Babu’s photoshoot session that occurred yesterday.

AK Entertainments held a photoshoot for the fans with Mahesh Babu at Alyind in Gachibowli place. Admirers complained that Mahesh Babu’s bouncers overreacted to fans’ excitement and started pushing and pulling off the lovers.

1 Mahesh Babu‘s fan was thoroughly pissed off by their conduct and his online video about the bouncers pushing enthusiasts is heading viral. Anti-admirers are expressing displeasure more than this. This incident comes about in advance of the pre-release event which is really critical for the team to handle with no any troubles like this.

According to media information, the output group didn’t acquire police authorization for the picture shoot and therefore, the ruckus. AK Entertainment really should have prepared it in a much better way when a star hero is coming for a photoshoot with his followers.

Toseyandi pakkaki

— Sai chowdary™ (@NTRLoyalist) December 25, 2019

phellu phellu ani kodutune unnaranta!! papam 😪 @AnilRavipudi @urstrulyMahesh

— harish (@DotsByHari) December 25, 2019

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