Mars at dawn: This NASA Curiosity rover image will enchant your heart – CNET

The sunshine rises more than Gale Crater on Mars in this NASA Curiosity rover picture.


Mars is barren and dry. Earth is luxuriating in h2o. In some cases these two really diverse planets obtain prevalent floor under the light of the similar sun. NASA’s Curiosity rover just captured 1 of these moments in a stirring new picture showing dawn breaking across Gale Crater.

NASA’s Doug Ellison brought our focus to the photo when he shared it to Twitter on Saturday. “Just one of the nicest images I have experienced the fortune of remaining questioned to acquire,” he wrote.

Ellison describes himself on Twitter as a “Mars photographer.” “I perform with the science crew and the rover motorists to make certain I’m pointing the cameras the right way,” he claimed in a NASA profile about his operate on the Curiosity staff.

Curiosity snapped the check out on Saturday with its appropriate navigation digital camera. It displays the sunshine shining into the edge of the frame, just scarcely illuminating the remarkable landscape all-around the rover.

What is actually so putting about this picture is how common it appears. If another person showed me this photograph and explained it was taken someplace in New Mexico, I would have reported, “Oh amazing! Where by?”

Gale Crater is Curiosity’s dwelling absent from property, a intriguing landscape the place the rover has bluffs, outcrops, hills and the towering figure ofMount Sharpin sight. Curiosity has been checking out this globe considering that it landed in 2012.

Us human beings have been recognized to gethooked up to our planet-checking out devices. This newest view is a reminder that the length amongst us is just a selection. We however share the very same sunlight.