Meet the 90 contestants competing to be Miss Universe 2019

  • The 2019 Miss Universe pageant is being held this year at the Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta, Georgia. 
  • Ninety women are competing for the coveted title, hailing from countries all across the globe.
  • The 2019 Miss Universe pageant airs on Sunday December 8 at 7 p.m. ET on FOX.
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The year is almost over, which means its time to crown the next Miss Universe. 

Ninety women are competing for the coveted title, with participants hailing from across the globe. They’ll participate in fashion segments that showcase everything from swimsuits to evening gowns, and will also answer hard-hitting questions from judges. 

The annual pageant is being held at the Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta, Georgia, on Sunday December 8, and will air live on Fox starting at 7 p.m. ET. 

Here are all 90 women competing for the crown this year. 

Albania: Cindy Marina

Miss Universe Contestants

Cindy Marina of Albania.
Miss Universe

Cindy Marina, 21, is currently a student at the University of Southern California and is also a member of the Albania Women’s National Volleyball Team.

Marina is planning to develop a business that “combines art, fashion, and people to educate and inspire her community to care for one another and the planet,” according to the Miss Universe website. 

Angola: Salett Miguel

Miss Universe Contestants

Salett Miguel of Angola.
Miss Universe

Salett Miguel, 20, is currently studying political science and international relations. She works with the National Association for the Fight Against Drugs and ultimately hopes to “impact the lives of the younger generation experiencing hardship.” 

Argentina: Mariana Jesica Varela

Miss Universe Contestants

Mariana Jesica Varela of Argentina.
Miss Universe

Mariana Jesica Varela, 23, is passionate about the fight against gender violence. “She cares deeply about this cause because she has suffered from this type of violence in the past,” according to the Miss Universe website. “Her main goal is to promote equality around the world, and she works hard for it every day.” 

Armenia: Dayana Davtyan

Miss Universe Contestants

Dayana Davtyan of Armenia.
Miss Universe

Dayana Davtyan, 21, is currently a student at the National University of Architecture and Construction of Armenia. She is also a member of the board of directors for Akunq, a charity that helps survivors of the devastating 1988 Armenian earthquake. 

Aruba: Danna Garcia

Miss Universe Contestants

Danna Garcia of Aruba.
Miss Universe

Danna Garcia, 21, works as a nurse in a hospital. She also volunteers for various foundations in Aruba and is passionate about fighting against the stigma surrounding mental health. 

Australia: Priya Serrao

Miss Universe Contestants

Priya Serrao of Australia.
Miss Universe

Priya Serrao, 27, is the first Indian-Australian to be crowned Miss Universe Australia, according to the Miss Universe website.

She currently works as a policy adviser for the government in Melbourne and works with a number of organizations, including the United Nations Development Program in East Timor. Serrao also recently created a social-media campaign to help donate clothing and food to homeless women in Melbourne. 

The Bahamas: Tarea Sturrup

Miss Universe Contestants

Tarea Sturrup is representing the Bahamas.
Miss Universe

Tarea Sturrup’s goal through the Miss Universe pageant is to help others in the Bahamas “establish opportunities, cultivate talent, and improve the quality of life.”

The 24-year-old has worked with a variety of organizations to promote mental-health awareness and help develop communities through small businesses. She recently volunteered with a number of foundations to raise funds and provide support for survivors of Hurricane Dorian. 

Bangladesh: Shirin Akter Shela

Miss Universe Contestants

Shirin Akter Shela of Bangladesh.
Miss Universe

Shirin Akter Shela, 20, is the first ever Miss Universe Bangladesh. She is currently studying physics at the University of Dhaka. Shela is also passionate about helping the environment and the elderly, volunteering to plant trees and spending time at senior centers. 

Barbados: Shanel Ifill

Miss Universe Contestants

Shanel Ifill of Barbados.
Miss Universe

Shanel Ifill, 20, is currently studying law at the University of the West Indies and plans to become a human rights attorney. Ifill was previously treated for a severe form of scoliosis, and now volunteers for a charity that helps children affected by the condition. 

Belgium: Angeline Flor Pua

Miss Universe Contestants

Angeline Flor Pua of Belgium.
Miss Universe

Angeline Flor Pua, 24, is the first woman of Filipino and Asian descent to win Miss Universe Belgium. She is also a licensed commercial pilot and “wants to inspire everyone around the world to chase their dreams, no matter their circumstances.” 

Belize: Destinee Arnold

Miss Universe Contestants

Destinee Arnold of Belize.
Miss Universe

Destinee Arnold, 26, graduated with a degree in sociology from California State University, Fullerton. She works as a property claims field adjuster for home restoration, and is passionate about volunteering to help end “the cycle of violence against women in impoverished countries throughout the world.” 

Bolivia: Fabiana Hurtado

Miss Universe Contestants

Fabiana Hurtado of Bolivia.
Miss Universe

Fabiana Hurtado, 21, is a student in Santa Cruz de la Sierra in Bolivia. She works with a number of foundations including Smile Train, an international charity that provides corrective surgery for children with cleft lips and palates. Hurtado has assisted with surgeries, as well as worked with families and children who have been helped by the organization.

Brazil: Julia Horta

Miss Universe Contestants

Julia Horta of Brazil.
Miss Universe

Julia Horta, 25, graduated with a journalism degree at the Federal University of Juiz de Fora. She is an ambassador for both Smile Train and Plano de Menina, the latter of which “empowers and educates women in Brazil to take on new opportunities and expand their voices.”

The British Virgin Islands: Bria Smith

Miss Universe Contestants

Bria Smith of the British Virgin Islands.
Miss Universe

Bria Smith, 26, is currently a speech communications adjunct lecturer for H. Lavity Stoutt Community College in the British Virgin Islands. Smith is also an advocate for the cultural and historical preservation of the British Virgin Islands. 

Bulgaria: Lora Asenova

Miss Universe Contestants

Lora Asenova of Bulgaria.
Miss Universe

Lora Asenova, 25, graduated with a bachelor’s degree in computer science and a master’s degree in e-business from Sofia University in Bulgaria. Asenova “spends her time volunteering at animal shelters and donates dog food,” according to the Miss Universe website. 

Cambodia: Somnang Alyna

Miss Universe Contestants

Somnang Alyna of Cambodia.
Miss Universe

Somnang Alyna, 18, has visited more than 50 primary schools and given school supplies to over 15,000 students through her work with the organization NagaWorld Kind Hearts. Alyna “encourages students to continue their studies so they can find a career that they’re passionate about,” according to the Miss Universe website. 

Canada: Alyssa Boston

Miss Universe Contestants

Alyssa Boston of Canada.
Miss Universe

Alyssa Boston, 24, graduated from the University of Windsor and now works on the marketing team for an auto-part company. She created #TalkAboutME, a social media campaign that aimed to encourage people to share their personal stories surrounding mental health, and also works with the Canadian Mental Health Association. 

The Cayman Islands: Kadejah Bodden

Miss Universe Contestants

Kadejah Bodden of the Cayman Islands.
Miss Universe

Kadejah Bodden, 23, graduated with a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry from the University of Kent and a master’s degree in regenerative medicine from Queen Mary, University of London.

Bodden was 8 years old when the Cayman Islands were hit by Hurricane Ivan, one of the most destructive hurricanes in history. That experience informed her passion for climate change prevention and environmental conservation, working with the National Trust of the Cayman Islands.

Chile: Geraldine Gonzalez

Miss Universe Contestants

Geraldine Gonzalez is representing Chile.
Miss Universe

Geraldine Gonzalez, 20, serves as a lawyer and volunteer firefighter. She also works with two organizations, the second of which she founded: the Santa Clara HIV Foundation and Head of Household.

China: Zhu Xin

Miss Universe Contestants

Zhu Xin of China.
Miss Universe

Zhu Xin, 26, graduated with a degree in stage makeup design. She mentors those who want to pursue a career in beauty and also launched a recycling project to help teach children about environmental issues. 

Colombia: Gabriela Tafur Nader

Miss Universe Contestants

Gabriela Tafur Nader of Colombia.
Miss Universe

Gabriela Tafur Nader, 24, is a lawyer who has “traveled all over the world to support more than 80 social initiatives that contribute to the well-being of Colombia children, the quality of education for people with disabilities, the promotion of women empowerment, and the protection of the rights of incarcerated population.” She has been granted the keys to five cities in Colombia to honor her volunteer work. 

Costa Rica: Paola Chacón Fuentes

Miss Universe Contestants

Paola Chacón Fuentes of Costa Rica.
Miss Universe

Paola Chacón Fuentes, 28, is currently studying for a degree in business administration. She works with a social welfare organization to provide assistance to the homeless and those who live in extreme poverty. 

Croatia: Mia Rkman

Miss Universe Contestants

Mia Rkman of Croatia.
Miss Universe

Mia Rkman, 22, is finishing her degree in environmental health engineering at the University of Applied Health Sciences in Zagreb, Croatia. Rkman is passionate about helping find cures for “life-threatening health conditions such as breast and cervical cancer” and raising awareness for “the importance of regular health screenings.”

Curacao: Kyrsha Attaf

Miss Universe Contestants

Kyrsha Attaf of Curacao.
Miss Universe

Kyrsha Attaf, 22, is studying financial management at the University of Curacao and dreams of becoming an airline pilot after she graduates. Attaf volunteers with children at a hospital in Curacao and has worked to donate backpacks stocked with educational materials as well as free reading classes to underprivileged children. 

Czech Republic: Barbora Hodačová

Miss Universe Contestants

Barbora Hodačová of the Czech Republic.
Miss Universe

Barbora Hodačová is completing her master’s degree and studying law at Charles University in Prague. Hodačová also works with the foundation Drops of Hope, which supports children with cancer. 

Denmark: Katja Stokholm

Miss Universe Contestants

Katja Stokholm of Denmark.
Miss Universe

Katja Stokholm, 23, began dancing at the age of 4 and studied at the Royal Danish Ballet School for six years. She is now studying international economics and business administration at the University of Southern Denmark and also volunteers at a hospital that treats children with chronic illnesses. 

Dominican Republic: Clauvid Daly

Miss Universe Contestants

Clauvid Daly of the Dominican Republic.
Miss Universe

Clauvid Daly, 18, is studying international affairs and diplomacy at Santo Domingo Catholic University and is also working towards a pilot’s license.

She is the first female ambassador of the Dominican Republic in the United Nations, where she has become an advocate for the UN’s resolution to end child marriage. Daly ultimately hopes to help pass a bill that will end child marriage in the Dominican Republic and around the world.

Ecuador: Cristina Hidalgo

Miss Universe Contestants

Cristina Hidalgo of Ecuador.
Miss Universe

Cristina Hidalgo, 22, is a former professional tennis player who had to retire due to an autoimmune disease. Her personal experiences inspired Hidalgo to help create the first foundation for immunological diseases in Ecuador. 

Egypt: Diana Hamed

Miss Universe Contestants

Diana Hamed of Egpyt.
Miss Universe

Diana Hamed, 20, is currently studying at the Hult Internatioanl Business School in London. According to the Miss Universe website, Hamed has been “spreading equality and wants her country to appreciate women more.”

El Salvador: Zuleika Soler

Miss Universe Contestants

Zuleika Soler of El Salvador.
Miss Universe

Zuleika Soler, 25, graduated with a bachelor’s degree in communications and a minor in art. She now works with an organization that “teaches poverty-stricken children how to think creatively and how that will improve their positive outlook.” 

Equatorial Guinea: Serafina Nchama

Miss Universe Contestants

Serafina Nchama of Equatorial Guinea.
Miss Universe

Serafina Nchama, 20, is currently studying mechanical engineering and playing on “one of the best basketball teams in her country,” according to the Miss Universe website. She also works with organizations that are fighting against teen pregnancy and child sexual abuse. 

Finland: Anni Harjunpää

Miss Universe Contestants

Anni Harjunpää of Finland.
Miss Universe

Anni Harjunpää, 23, volunteers at a nursing home for the elderly and people with disabilities. She is also passionate about educating “young children and girls living in developing countries” and wants to ensure “that all children have the opportunity to equal education.” 

France: Maëva Coucke

Miss Universe Contestants

Maëva Coucke of France.
Miss Universe

Maëva Coucke, 25, has a degree in international trade. After her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, Coucke became a passionate advocate for breast cancer screenings. She is also currently working with Marlène Schiappa, France’s secretary of equality between women and men, to help end violence against women.

Georgia: Tako Adamia

Miss Universe Contestants

Tako Adamia is representing Georgia.
Miss Universe

Tako Adamia, 25, frequently works with the youth of her country to share the importance of education. She’s also described on the Miss Universe website as an “informal ambassador for peace.”

Germany: Miriam Rautert

Miss Universe Contestants

Miriam Rautert of Germany.
Miss Universe

Miriam Rautert, 23, has a bachelor’s degree in journalism and business communication and now works full-time as a petite model. Rautert’s goal is to “increase the recognition of the petite model market and to showcase the opportunities for shorter models,” according to the Miss Universe website.

Great Britain: Emma Victoria Jenkins

Miss Universe Contestants

Emma Victoria Jenkins of Great Britain.
Miss Universe

Emma Victoria Jenkins, 27, works as a presenter and volunteers for a number of organizations. She is a patron for Women’s Aid, a UK charity that fights against domestic violence, and also works with A-Sisterhood, an organization which “aims to empower women worldwide” by supporting various charities around the world. 

Guam: Sissie Luo

Miss Universe Contestants

Sissie Luo of Guam.
Miss Universe

Sissie Luo is competing as the “first full Chinese Miss Universe Guam,” according to the Miss Universe website. The 18-year-old hopes to inspire “all multicultural children growing up in Guam’s diverse society.”

Haiti: Gabriela Clesca Vallejo

Miss Universe Contestants

Gabriela Clesca Vallejo is representing Haiti.
Miss Universe

Gabriela Clesca Vallejo is a trained dancer, charity founder, volunteer, and graduate of Ottawa University. The 26-year-old aims to become a global ambassador, author, and politician.

Honduras: Rosemery Arauz

Miss Universe Contestants

Rosemery Arauz of Honduras.
Miss Universe

Rosemery Arauz, 26, is currently studying finance and designing jewelry. She works with Fundación Abrigo, which offers poverty-stricken families a free place to stay while they visit loved ones in the hospital. Arauz also frequently dresses up in costumes to cheer up children in local hospitals. 

Iceland: Birta Abiba Þórhallsdóttir

Miss Universe Contestants

Birta Abiba Þórhallsdóttir of Iceland.
Miss Universe

Birta Abiba Þórhallsdóttir, 20, is the first-ever biracial winner of Miss Universe Iceland. She has already written a novel, and dreams of becoming a successful international author. Þórhallsdóttir tutors children aged 6 to 16 with the Icelandic Red Cross. She also advocates for “diversity and cultural awareness being taught in Icelandic schools.” 

India: Vartika Singh

Miss Universe Contestants

Vartika Singh of India.
Miss Universe

Vartika Singh, 26, has a master’s degree in public health. Singh, who also works as a model, has been featured on the cover of Vogue India, GQ India, and Elle India, among others. She is currently a brand ambassador for the government of Uttar Pradesh’s state nutrition mission. She also recently founded the nonprofit Pure Humans, which “offers health care to people from low income groups.” 

Indonesia: Frederika Cull

Miss Universe Contestants

Frederika Cull of Indonesia.
Miss Universe

Frederika Cull, 20, has saved more than 100 dogs from the dog trade in Indonesia, according to the Miss Universe website. She also founded Voice for the Voiceless, an organization that provides birth certificates for children in need. Cull hopes that she will be the first Muslim Miss Universe.

Ireland: Fionnghuala O’Reilly

Miss Universe Contestants

Fionnghuala O’Reilly is representing Ireland.
Miss Universe

In addition to being a pageant contestant, Fionnghuala O’Reilly also works for NASA as a director for its International Space Apps Challenge. The 26-year-old’s current goal is to empower women to succeed in male-dominated fields, like coding and science.

Israel: Sella Sharlin

Miss Universe Contestants

Sella Sharlin is representing Israel.
Miss Universe

Sella Sharlin, 23, previously spent three years in the army and now volunteers with the Olympic Committee. As a professional triathlete, she also believes that “sports shape your mind and body, and give you the best tools for life,” according to the Miss Universe website.

Italy: Sofia Marilú Trimarco

Miss Universe Contestants

Sofia Marilú Trimarco of Italy.
Miss Universe

Sofia Marilú Trimarco, 20, is studying law in Rome and dreams of becoming a magistrate. She also volunteers for UNITALSI, a well-known Italian charity that helps the ill, disabled, and elderly. Trimarco also holds meetings with people who suffer from anorexia.

Jamaica: Iana Tickle Garcia

miss jamaica

Iana Tickle Garcia of Jamaica.

Miss Universe

The 19-year-old contestant is a pianist and martial artist. Iana Tickle Garcia also founded an organization called “Crochet for Charity,” which sells handmade earrings to raise money for those in need.

Japan: Ako Kamo

miss japan

Ako Kamo of Japan.

Miss Universe

At 22 years old, Ako Kamo currently attends Kobe College. She’s passionate about performing arts, and particularly loves singing, dancing, and acting.

Kazakhstan: Alfiya Yersaiyn

miss Kazakhstan

Alfiya Yersaiyn of Kazakhstan.

Miss Universe

Alfiya Yersaiyn, 18, has a slew of talents: she’s an artist, fashion designer, and tutor. She’s also passionate about heart-disease prevention, and is a regular blood donor.

Kenya: Stacy Michuki

miss kenya

Stacy Michuki of Kenya.

Miss Universe

Stacy Michuki is 18 years old, and has dreams of becoming a fashion model. She’s the youngest woman to have been crowned Miss Universe Kenya, and now wants to “use her platform to show the rest of the world that kids are worth investing in.”

Korea: Lee Yeon Ju

miss korea

Lee Yeon Ju of Korea.

Miss Universe

In addition to competing in pageants, 25-year-old Lee Yeon Ju is an artist. She enjoys designing handbags and also makes time for volunteer work, painting murals in underprivileged villages and rescuing feral cats.

Kosovo: Fatbardha Hoxha

miss kosovo

Fatbardha Hoxha of Kosovo.

Miss Universe

As a Miss Universe contestant, 21-year-old Fatbardha Hoxha aims to help homeless citizens of Kosovo. Additionally, she works with the Association of Women Affected by Cancer and the Clean Up Kosovo initiative.

Laos: Vichitta Phonevilay

miss laos

Vichitta Phonevilay of Laos.

Miss Universe

Vichitta Phonevilay, 23, uses her platform to “support education in rural areas and provide better conditions for learning,” according to the Miss Universe website.

Lithuania: Paulita Baltrušaitytė

miss Lithuania

Paulita Baltrušaitytė of Lithuania.

Miss Universe

Before entering the Miss Universe competition, Paulita Baltrušaitytė spent four years as a professional athlete. Now, the 21-year-old is heading towards a career in medicine, where she can combine her passions of the environment, and mental and physical health.

Malaysia: Shweta Sekhon

miss Malaysia

Shweta Sekhon of Malaysia.

Miss Universe

From modeling to playing hockey, 22-year-old Shweta Sekhon does it all. The Miss Universe contestant also works on numerous charity campaigns that aim to end poverty, support body positivity, and protect animal rights, respectively. 

Malta: Teresa Ruglio

miss malta

Teresa Ruglio of Malta.

Miss Universe

Teresa Ruglio, 22, works as a volunteer at schools. According to the Miss Universe website, she’s also interested in nature, meditation, reading, and playing the guitar.

Mauritius: Ornella Lafleche

Miss Mauritius

Ornella Lafleche of Mauritius.

Miss Universe

Ornella Lafleche, 21, is a model who also enjoys cooking, singing, yoga, and spending time with animals. Her main goal throughout the pageant is to “give children in her country a platform to voice their right to say no to any forms of abuse.”

Mexico: Sofía Aragón

miss mexico

Sofía Aragón of Mexico.

Miss Universe

Sofía Aragón, 25, is a writer and mental-health advocate. She’s particularly passionate about helping people manage depression, and frequently shares stories of her own mental-health journey to inspire others.

Mongolia: Gunzaya Bat-Erden

miss mongolia

Mongolia: Gunzaya Bat-Erden

Miss Universe

As a contestant of the Miss Universe pageant, 25-year-old Gunzaya Bat-Erden hopes to advocate for women’s rights. In particular, she aims to encourage girls to speak their minds, according to the Miss Universe website.

Myanmar: Swe Zin Htet

miss myanmar

Swe Zin Htet of Myanmar.

Miss Universe

Though her real name is Swe Zin Htet, many people refer to the 20-year-old by her nickname: Superman. According to the Miss Universe website, her passion is empowering adults to prevent child abuse throughout Myanmar.

Namibia: Nadja Breytenbach

miss namibia

Nadja Breytenbach of Namibia.

Miss Universe

Nadja Breytenbach, 24, spends much of her time working with charitable organizations, like House Maerua Children’s Home and Side by Side Early Intervention Center. She hopes to use her platform to inspire the youth of her home nation.

Nepal: Pradeepta Adhikari

miss nepal

Pradeepta Adhikari of Nepal.

Miss Universe

Pradeepta Adhikari is a 22-year-old student, dancer, athlete, and science enthusiast. She hopes to improve health-care systems around the world, and help decrease child mortality rates.

The Netherlands: Sharon Pieksma

miss netherlands

Sharon Pieksma of the Netherlands.

Miss Universe

When she’s not competing in pageants, 24-year-old Sharon Pieksma spends much of her time outdoors. According to the Miss Universe website, she aims to “leave the Earth better than she found it.”

New Zealand: Diamond Langi

miss new zealand

Diamond Langi of New Zealand.

Miss Universe

Diamond Langi, 27, uses her knowledge of fashion to help others — for example, she works as a stylist for young girls to help them “find their own personal style and flair.” She has also founded a nonprofit called The Diamond Langi Foundation, which raises money for people in need.

Nicaragua: Inés López

miss nicaragua

Inés López of Nicaragua.

Miss Universe

At 19 years old, Inés López is one of the youngest contestants in the pageant. She hopes to one day create an organization that benefits people living with HIV/AIDS.

Nigeria: Olutosin Araromi

miss nigeria

Olutosin Araromi of Nigeria.

Miss Universe

After graduating from college in New Jersey, 26-year-old Olutosin Araromi now works as a model and public speaker. She aims to bring awareness to women’s empowerment and vehicle safety through her platform.

Norway: Helene Abildsnes

miss norway

Helene Abildsnes of Norway.

Miss Universe

Helene Abildsnes, a 21-year-old contestant, is passionate about improving work conditions throughout the textile industry. She also cares about animals and the environment. 

Panama: Mehr Eliezer

miss panama

Mehr Eliezer of Panama.

Miss Universe

Mehr Eliezer, 22, spends much of her time volunteering. She advocates for LGBTQ youth, people with HIV/AIDS, young professionals, refugees, and immigrants.

Paraguay: Ketlin Lottermann

miss paraguay

Ketlin Lottermann of Paraguay.

Miss Universe

Ketlin Lottermann, 26, hopes to become the first Miss Universe winner from Paraguay. She currently works as an orthopedic physiotherapist.

Peru: Kelin Rivera

miss peru

Kelin Rivera of Peru.

Miss Universe

Through the Miss Universe competition, 26-year-old Kelin Rivera aims to support victims of abuse. She’s also an advocate for INABIF, a Peruvian government institution, which helps kids and teens who have been abused or abandoned by their families.

The Philippines: Gazini Ganados

miss philippines

Gazini Ganados of the Philippines.

Miss Universe

Gazini Ganados, 23, serves as an ambassador to create sustainable buildings throughout the Philippines. She also works with organizations that help the elderly, and people living with HIV/AIDS.

Poland: Olga Bulawa

miss poland

Olga Bulawa of Poland.

Miss Universe

Olga Bulawa is a 28-year-old pageant contestant and flight attendant who has traveled to more than 30 countries. She’s particularly passionate about law, and hopes to “start a program which will offer free legal advice to empower women in her country.”

Portugal: Sylvie Silva

miss portugal

Sylvie Silva of Portugal.

Miss Universe

Aside from competing in Miss Universe, Sylvie Silva is pursuing a career in landscape architecture. The 20-year-old also works with the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation to combat climate change. 

Puerto Rico: Madison Anderson

miss puerto rico

Madison Anderson of Puerto Rico.

Miss Universe

At 24 years old, Madison Anderson has worked in support of numerous causes. She helps women who have been released from prison, visits cancer patients, gives anti-bullying speeches at high schools, and teaches people about domestic violence.

Romania: Dorina Chihaia

miss romania

Dorina Chihaia of Romania.

Miss Universe

Dorina Chihaia, 26, has a master’s degree, and can speak five languages. She also serves as a representative for the World Youth Leaders Union, and is focused on investing in children’s academic studies.

Saint Lucia: Bebiana Mangal

miss saint lucia

Bebiana Mangal of Saint Lucia.

Miss Universe

At 23 years old, Bebiana Mangal works as a volunteer for the Saint Lucia National Trust for Climate Change. She has also created a feeding program for the homeless.

Sierra Leone: Marie Esther Bangura

miss sierra leone

Marie Esther Bangura of Sierra Leone.

Miss Universe

When she isn’t competing in pageants, 22-year-old Marie Esther Bangura devotes much of her time to working with Good Touch, Bad Touch, a campaign that fights against sexual exploitation. She also has dreams of creating a fashion line and television show.

Singapore: Mohanaprabha Selvam

miss singapore

Mohanaprabha Selvam of Singapore.

Miss Universe

Miss Universe contestant Mohanaprabha Selvam is all about “equality and inclusivity.” The 24-year-old frequently volunteers for the Singapore Red Cross, and is also passionate about promoting sustainable food sources.

Slovak Republic: Laura Longauerová

miss slovak republic

Laura Longauerová of the Slovak Republic.

Miss Universe

According to the Miss Universe website, 24-year-old Laura Longauerová believes beauty pageants are “her true path in life,” as they’ve encouraged her to be confident and strong. In the future, she hopes to build a senior-citizen hospital, and help young girls who have eating disorders.

Spain: Natalie Ortega

miss spain

Natalie Ortega of Spain.

Miss Universe

Hailing from Barcelona, Natalie Ortega is half-Spanish and half-Norwegian. Her ultimate goal is to work as a teacher, though she’s also passionate about helping the homeless and refugees, and living an active lifestyle.

Sweden: Lina Ljungberg

miss sweden

Lina Ljungberg of Sweden.

Miss Universe

In addition to competing in pageants, Lina Ljungberg is a singer. The 22-year-old hopes to encourage others to live healthy lifestyles while also pursuing their dreams.

Tanzania: Shubila Stanton

miss tanzania

Shubila Stanton of Tanzania.

Miss Universe

Shubila Stanton, 23, is all about the environment. She particularly wants to combat climate change, while also supporting the youth within her community.

Thailand: Paweensuda Drouin

miss thailand

Paweensuda Drouin of Thailand.

Miss Universe

Paweensuda Drouin began competing in pageants in 2013. Since then, the 26-year-old has used her platform to create a campaign called “We are One,” which unites underprivileged children through arts, music, and sports.

Turkey: Bilgi Aydogmus

miss turkey

Bilgi Aydogmus of Turkey.

Miss Universe

After attending the Istanbul University Faculty of Law, 23-year-old Bilgi Aydogmus now works to protect children’s rights. She also plays piano and basketball in her spare time.

Ukraine: Anastasiia Subbota

miss ukraine

Anastasiia Subbota of Ukraine.

Miss Universe

Anastasiia Subbota is a 26-year-old model who also volunteers with numerous organizations. She supports veterans, children, and people facing mental-health issues. One day, she hopes to work as a social worker.

Uruguay: Fiona Tenuta Vanerio

miss uruguay

Fiona Tenuta Vanerio of Uruguay.

Miss Universe

Fiona Tenuta Vanerio, 21, has an interest in various areas: the rehabilitation of wildlife, learning new languages, and rock ‘n’ roll music. 

US Virgin Islands: Andrea Piecuch

miss virgin islands

Andrea Piecuch of the US Virgin Islands.

Miss Universe

Andrea Piecuch is an accomplished pianist and volunteer. At 28 years old, she’s performed in 77 countries, and has also worked with numerous charities, including the Boys and Girls Club of America.

Venezuela: Thalia Olvino

miss venezuela

Thalia Olvino of Venezuela.

Miss Universe

Previously an athlete, 20-year-old Thalia Olvino now has a degree in management science. She hopes to “promote courage and resilience in the Venezuelan youth.”


Miss Universe 2019

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