New discovery confirms the Spinosaurus was a ‘water-dwelling, river monster’ – CNET


A Spinosaurus design mounted at Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan.

Getty Images – Junko Kimura / Employees

Researchers have had their suspicions about the Spinosaurus’ aquatic tendencies for a although. From its spiky sail to its crocodilian snout, there were elements of the Spinosaurus that lent on their own to swimming — and most not long ago, thediscovery of paddle-like tail boneshad absolutely everyone questioning whether or not the dinosaur was extra Michael Phelps than Eddie the Eel.

Now, a examine released in Cretaceous Study has verified that the Spinosaurus swam with the greatest of them. Taphonomic evidence gathered from the Kem Kem riverbed in the Moroccan Sahara Desert supports this conclusion, with excavations uncovering over one,two hundred fossilized tooth at the website. 

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Spinosaurus teeth accounted for practically 50 percent of the results, with hardly any evidence of enamel from land-dwelling dinosaurs. This supported the conclusion that the Spinosaurus was most probable an aquatic dinosaur — specifically, a river-dwelling predator.

David Martill, co-author of the examine, said that the existence of Spinosaurus teeth was almost unquestionably a reflection of an aquatic way of life. “An animal dwelling substantially of its lifestyle in h2o is considerably far more possible to lead teeth to the river deposit than people dinosaurs that perhaps only frequented the river for drinking and feeding along its banking companies,” he mentioned. 

“From this investigation we are able to affirm this spot as the put exactly where this gigantic dinosaur not only lived but also died. The outcomes are completely constant with the strategy of a truly drinking water-dwelling, ‘river monster’.”

After all, with estimated measurements of up to 18m (59 ft) prolonged and weighing more than twenty tons, it is safe to say the Spinosaurus definitely wasn’t the form of organization you would like to feel nudging your feet in the deep.