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For the last 12 months, NASA’s OSIRIS-REx spacecraft has been circling a substantial asteroid named Bennu that on a regular basis passes uncomfortably shut to Earth. The spacecraft has been painstakingly mapping the asteroid’s rocky area working with a suite of cameras and other devices that will assistance it identify the place to land following 12 months. When NASA selects a ultimate landing site, OSIRIS-REx will kiss Bennu just prolonged adequate to scoop up a sample to deliver back again to Earth in 2023.

Lots of researchers anticipate the Bennu sample to revolutionize our understanding of asteroids, especially people that are in close proximity to Earth and pose the best menace from house to everyday living as we know it. But as in-depth in a paper published today inScience, NASA has by now started generating shocking discoveries all-around this alien globe. Previously this 12 months, the OSIRIS-REx workforce witnessed particles exploding from the asteroid’s surface—and it is not guaranteed why.

“No a person has ever seen an active asteroid up close like this,” says Carl Hergenrother, an astronomer at the University of Arizona and the scientist who proposed Bennu as the target for OSIRIS-REx. “It wasn’t that extended in the past that the common knowledge was that asteroids are these dead bodies that didn’t transform extremely considerably.”

In January, the navigation cameras on OSIRIS-REx captured a few ejection functions that each spewed about 100 centimeter-sized asteroid particles into house. The spacecraft also detected a significant amount of particles orbiting Bennu like a cloud of gnats. Their assorted orbits counsel that particle ejections are a frequent party on the asteroid and arise all across its surface area, fairly than in a few find spots. Without a doubt, in the calendar year because the 3 ejection gatherings that are reported today inScience, Hergenrother claims OSIRIS-REx has detected numerous other more compact ejections.

Asteroid Bennu isn’t genuinely “alive” simply because it does not have a heated main vital for geological activity, but as Hergenrother and his colleagues discovered, it’s not just useless possibly. It’s a space zombie roaming the solar system, sneezing out small rocks. Some swiftly return to the floor like a cannonball, even though other individuals escape into the vast emptiness of deep room. But what is definitely intriguing, suggests Hergenrother, are the rocks that conclusion up in orbit all-around Bennu and turn into miniature moons for a couple days prior to returning to the floor.

“What we’re seeing is something we would have never ever been ready to see from the ground,” Hergenrother provides. “So the dilemma that is nevertheless on our minds is are we seeing a reduce depth process that is very similar to what takes place on other energetic asteroids, or is this some thing fully various?”

Researchers have viewed significant ejections from about two dozen asteroids as they pass by Earth, but the mechanisms invoked to describe why these asteroids are ejecting materials really do not work for Bennu. The centrifugal power of an asteroid’s spin, for case in point, could eject content from the surface, but it just cannot account for the range of particle orbits witnessed by OSIRIS-REx. Furthermore, the sublimation of ice water—the exact phenomenon that produces a comet’s tail—can’t make clear what’s happening on Bennu simply because OSIRIS-REx witnessed particle ejections on sections of Bennu that get way way too scorching to host ice.

Hergenrother suggests the OSIRIS-REx group has narrowed the thriller to two doable triggers. A person probable offender is the severe temperatures on Bennu, which variety from 240 to minus-a hundred levels Fahrenheit. The strain from this changeover can trigger particles to crack and fly apart like popcorn. An additional risk is that Bennu is having bombarded with micrometeoroids that kick up the particles when they strike the surface area.

Sad to say, OSIRIS-REx will not be hanging all over Bennu extended sufficient to resolve the thriller on its possess, according to Hergenrother. There is a ton additional science to be completed in advance of the spacecraft departs for Earth, so the mystery of Bennu’s particle eruptions may well have to be shelved—for now.

But provided how very little we know about asteroids, Hergenrother claims there’s a solid scenario to be created for a focused mission to review the phenomenon on another asteroid in the long term.

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