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See a 360 Degree Juno-Eye Watch of Jupiter Throughout an Io Eclipse – Universe Today


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Yesterday, we posted some remarkable photos from the Juno Probe’s 29thflyby of Jupiter. Juno is in a very elliptical orbit. It buzzes the world at an altitude of 4,200km and then sweeps out to million. Completing this circuit each and every 53 times, Juno only spends two hours inside close proximity to Jupiter minimizing the probe’s publicity to hazardous radiation of substantial energy particles accelerated by Jupiter’s magnetic subject.

Io Eclipse on Jupiter from Juno Perijove 22 – NASA/JPL/Kevin Gill

With each individual orbit, Juno captures breathtaking photos of Jupiter’s clouds working with its JunoCam. On one particular of the former flybys, Perijove 22 (close Jupiter tactic 22) produced Sep twelve, 2019, JunoCam also caught an eclipse! The shadow of Jupiter’s moon, Io was clearly noticeable on the cloud tops of the big globe (in the picture higher than). The photograph a short while ago obtained new traction in the media, but there is anything even far more exciting. Earlier this week, Kevin Gill a computer software engineer who’s been processing the uncooked photos from Juno for the public, turned info from the Io eclipse into an interactive 360 degree online video. With visuals up to 8K resolution, you can basically hover higher than Jupiter’s clouds at the stage where by Io’s shadow falls and then drag the image to see Jupiter all around you! Go take a look at Jupiter!

Kevin also processes photographs from other NASA missions and the photographs are astonishing. You can follow Kevin’s do the job on Twitter (@kevinmgill) and Instagram (@apoapsys). Kevin’s assortment is accessible on his Flickr account which features the most current Perjove 29 photographs we posted yesterday.

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