Third warmest November in India because 1901

PUNE: Last month was the 3rd warmest November in India given that 1901, with hotter than typical nights due to recurrent spells of rain and cloud protect. The necessarily mean temperature in India in November was greater than regular (climatological signify) by .seventy two degrees. November 2015 was the warmest in 118 decades, with a .87-diploma rise.

India witnessed its second warmest November in 1979, when suggest temperatures were being .86 levels larger than typical. “When only the typical minimal temperature is considered, November this yr was the next-warmest since 1901,” said Arvind Kumar Srivastava, head of IMD Pune’s Weather Analysis Division.

The average minimum amount temperature very last month was bigger than typical by one.five degrees, even though November 1979 witnessed an improve of 1.sixty four levels. In Delhi, the necessarily mean minimal temperature throughout the month was levels C previously mentioned the climatological suggest. Alka Gadgil, climatologist and professor emeritus,

Savitribai Phule Pune College

, explained that the frequency and impact of very low-pressure devices and cyclones in excess of each

Arabian Sea

and Bay of Bengal was substantial this November, “causing significant night-time clouding in components of the region.”

Srivastava said cyclones Maha and Bulbul triggered major dampness incursion into various parts of south and central India. The consequent clouding prevented a dip in minimum temperatures. “Cyclone Maha triggered intense rains and moisture incursion into


and south


. Apart from triggering premature powerful rains, the big sum of dampness delayed the progress of winter season-like temperatures in Maharashtra and bordering areas,” he explained.

The existence of dampness in close proximity to the surface area all through the night traps warmth, blocking its escape into the atmosphere.

One more IMD official explained maximum temperatures in November ended up on the decreased facet or in close proximity to-normal in India, but the minimum temperature was superior in quite a few sections of the region. “In central and south India, we experienced a whole lot of dampness incursion, which triggered clouding at night, main to better minimums.

In south India, both of those optimum and minimum temperatures were being larger than normal. In north India, there weren’t numerous western disturbances, which convey chilly climate when they pass” the official reported, introducing, “The influence of whichever western disturbances felt in north India was largely limited to severe northern sections like Kashmir.”

In Delhi, for occasion, the most affordable November minimal was 11.4°C, when ordinarily it falls underneath 10°C.

In Pune much too, the cheapest minimal was fourteen.1°C (in Shivajinagar), recorded on November 26. In the past ten years, Pune’s most affordable November minimums have ordinarily been in the seven-12°C variety, owing to the northerly winds that enter Maharashtra by Mid-november. IMD, having said that, explained cold northerly winds had been not able to enter the point out this winter season thanks to the existence an anti-cyclone about central India, blocking temperatures from dropping.