Trump was served a Halloween-themed meal on Air Force One and it’s…cute?

With Halloween just all around the corner, the cooks aboard Air Drive one are getting into the spirit of points. 

The specific holiday break food was mentioned by Tessa Berenson, the White Home Correspondent for TIME Magazine, in a pool report: “The great chefs aboard AF1 ended up comprehensive of the Halloween spirit these days with the presentation of these stuffed peppers. Trick or treat!”

It can be really on craze for spooky time, and I am certain a pleasurable take care of for the many other people aboard the plane. But it is really quite difficult to imagine Donald Trump, whose presidency is in significant hassle on just about also many fronts to count, digging in to a lovable little jack-o’-lantern pepper.

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The other objects raise their personal puzzling questions — nevermind that the pepper is about the exact same shade as the president himself. The un-dressed salad is all right, but why do the tomatoes search like they’re about to give up on existence? Another mystery is what just is the flesh-colored issue in the upper still left hand corner? It could be something from some kind of poultry and gravy to an apple fritter. 

Genuinely the most urgent problem this meal raises is  does Trump, a male recognized for his fanatical enjoy of very well-carried out steak and ice cream, even try to eat vegetables in addition to ketchup?