Watch Bon Appétit’s Chris Morocco recreate Guy Fieri’s weird nachos while blindfolded

By Chloe Bryan

Guy Fieri’s trash can nachos are a disturbing sight to behold. An great mound of tortilla chips, beans, carne asada, queso, bitter product and pico de gallo is basically served in a bottomless trash can, which is drastically lifted when it comes at your table. (They’re served at the two of Fieri’s El Burro Borracho dining establishments in Nevada.)

This 7 days,Bon Appétit’sChris Morocco tried to recreate this attractive monstrosity primarily based on a blind style test — no small job taking into consideration the dish has about 8 thousand ingredients. But Morocco does an admirable task, creating a acceptable facsimile of a nacho tower that, while not location-on (nor fairly as moist as Fieri’s), is surely something we would try to eat.

If almost nothing else, observe the video clip for the blender queso.