Web Decries ‘Aladdin’ Spinoff For Small White Character When Major Star Can not Get An Audition – Deadline

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The only white character in the are living motion remake of


is up for a spin-off movie, even while the star of the movie seemingly simply cannot get a work. That has the world wide web hopping mad at the injustice of it all.

Just days following

Mena Massoud

, the star of the billion-dollar grossing live-action


 complained that he has not gotten any auditions just after the movie, word has damaged that

Billy Magnussen

, who played minor character Prince Anders, is being composed into his possess spin-off for Disney+, the company’s streaming assistance.

Of course, it is a undesirable look. A single that the internet’s keen observers have called out. See a sample of the outrage beneath.

There is virtually two animated Aladdin sequels and a entire sequence that could be adapted but nah let us give a display to the only white dude https://t.co/oU04Y1zA9X

— EZ🎄☃️❄️ (@alwayspizzatime) December six, 2019

I did not like Aladdin remake. I do not even like Mena tbh.

But the actuality that an needless white character, that played no substantial part in the Aladdin film is getting a spin off, although Mena is jobless is telling. pic.twitter.com/LtTsGs7UNv

— Keshav Kant (@MxKantEven) December 6, 2019

So the dude who plays Aladdin simply cannot get an audition but the one particular white dude with a single scene in a greater part brown solid will get his have movie. Surely a fantastic glance Disney

— gripmonster (@TheGripmonster) December six, 2019

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