What to Do With That Port You Impulse Acquired This Getaway Time

Image: Claire Lower

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The holidays are a time of excess, and the extra is starting up to take its toll. Further than the generalized fatigue and slight bloat, my seasonal mania is beginning to fade, and it turns out that Xmas Claire may perhaps have overdone it with the meals and alcohol obtaining (at the time once more).

For instance, instead of shopping for a port wine cheeseball—a wonderful processed product or service that can be discovered in any grocery store—I built a single from scratch. It was good (and appreciated) but a port wine cheeseball requires port wine, so now I have a mainly complete bottle of inexpensive-ass, super sweet port hanging out in my kitchen, mocking me.

I drank some of it on Xmas Eve, and it was not really great (even though it was fantastic in a ball of shredded cheddar and cream cheese). I’ll almost certainly prepare dinner with it, but I’d also like to drink with it, as it is an alcoholic beverage, immediately after all. Luckily for us, when blended with bonded bourbon, the fruity, sweet port wine tends to make a rather decent aged fashioned-esque beverage.

You have probably figured this out by now, but this consume is not anything you should really make with fancy, high-priced port. This is for the cheeseball port, or the eight-dollar bottle you purchased at Trader Joe’s for the reason that it just felt like the festive issue to do. This is for the port an individual introduced to your place of work Christmas party, which remained unopened, so you took it because you’re not wasteful.

Port, in this context, functions significantly like a syrupy sweetener, but it also lets you say you’re “making acocktail”—you’re not ingesting bonded bourbon straight from the bottle, not but. And, even even though it is a “cocktail,” it’s a cocktail you can establish appropriate in the glass, which is excellent, for the reason that who has the energy for stirring, shaking, or any of that nonsense. To make it, you will want:

  • two ounces bourbon, bottled in bond works properly (rye would function much too)
  • 1 ounce of regardless of what port you bought this vacation year
  • three dashes Angostura bitters

Include ice to a lowball, and pour all of your elements in excess of ice. Give the glass a swirl, or a stir with your finger, and appreciate. If you want to increase a garnish, a strip of orange zest would perform fairly wel