Why Pokémon Sword & Shield May be Crashing Your Roku

Screenshot: Nintendo

As significantly as tech bugs go, this is a very unusual one. The newPokémon SwordandPokémon Shieldgames are leading to some Roku established-best containers and TVs to crash.PokémonSwordandShieldparticipate in solely on the Nintendo Swap and should not have any explanation to interface with Roku devices. (The electrical power of Pokémon is seemingly limitless.)

According to Roku Reddit personMazInger-Z, who did some community tests to troubleshoot the problem, the difficulty apparently revolves all around the fact that Pokémon Sword and Protect consistently sends out a wi-fi signal looking to connect with other Nintendo Switches actively playing the games. Roku devices try to interpret these indicators, but just can’t, which causes them to crash. Responses to this thread and others verify that the difficulty is occurring to a lot of individuals on a range of products, together with Rokus, Roku Sticks, and TCL’s Roku TVs.

Roku has now rolled out a patch that ought to take care of the situation, variation 9.two. make 4701 on Roku boxes, and both model nine.1. create 4501 or 9.2. construct 4601 on Roku TVs. To look at to see if your Roku has up-to-date, push the household button, then find Options menu. From there, go to “System,” then “Update.” If you never have the proper program, you can update from this menu. (Do not perform Pokémon even though you are updating your Roku.)

If you are however experiencing difficulties with your Roku right after updating, Roku suggests that the easiest way to circumvent the problem is to put your Change in airplane manner although taking part inPokémon SwordorPokémon Shield, which will cease it from sending the alerts.

To established your Change to plane mode, go to the “System Settings” menu—the equipment in the reduce row of icons on the dwelling screen—then pick the “airplane mode” sub-menu and toggle the location on. Powering down the Switch when you are done enjoying should really also remedy any Roku issues you’re possessing, if you want a additional excessive option.

Update: November eighteen at twelve:58pm — Updated to consist of facts on Roku computer software patch for the Pokémon bug